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Where to find a list of 1800 numbers

If you are looking for a list of 1-800 number prefixes you found the right place. UniTel Voice has a 1800 numbers directory with access to every toll free number prefix available, including: 844, 855, 866, 877, 888, and the very rare 800. The “true” 1-800 number prefix is considered by many to be the most recognized toll free prefix.

Here’s 3 reasons to consider using business 1800 numbers

  • Your small business will look and sound more professional.
  • You can easily transfer them between phone companies.
  • Their loaded with time saving features like voicemail, call forwarding, more.

A list of toll free number questions

Is there a List of 1800 Numbers to Choose From?

1800 numbers directory There are multiple toll free prefix numbers to choose from. However, it is more important to first know what the numbers are exactly and how they help you. 1-800 numbers are basically toll-free numbers that allow for an easy and effective communication between a customer (or potential consumer) and the company itself. Business 1-800 numbers are important because they basically serve the purpose of providing a common platform where the inconveniences in communication are removed. This may be a tall claim in the eyes of some; however, the points here may change your mind.

How do these numbers improve communication?

business 1800 numbers Toll free numbers with virtual auto attendants can route callers to the proper extension. A common misconception is that auto attendants with recorded messages make it more difficult for a smooth communication between a buyer and a seller. This thought has its basis in some solid proof, of course, especially with long winded IVR systems that make the caller sift through a long menu before speaking with skilled salespeople. However, these systems with 1-800 numbers have an underlying advantage. They are not meant to replace workers, but enhance them by providing skilled personnel with customer issues that they are trained for. These toll-free numbers divert each different problem to a staff member who knows exactly how to deal with the specific issues mentioned by the consumer.

Where are you supposed to search 1800 toll free numbers?

search 1800 numbers Finding toll-free numbers is not a difficult task. We provide vanity 1800 numbers that spell a word as at very reasonable rates. Not only do our previous buyers love the prices, they have spoken volumes about the guarantee of quality that we have. The 1800 numbers directory may help you choose what number is most suitable for your business and how it would increase consumer response. The number in itself is surprisingly important. There are numerous times that the association of the toll-free number with the brand or company has brought out a positive memory of the firm that is in mention.

How does a number bring out positive response and memory retention?

There are a number of psychological effects taking place at one go when consumers see an advertisement or a product of your company or a brand that you make. A list of 1800 numbers may be effective in reinforcing this memory because of the fact that visual aids are complimented especially by auditory and sensory stimuli in the environment. Take the example of the brand 3663 Foodservice. A 1-800 number followed by the same digits would most certainly be remembered by the consumers that they are targeting. They have named the brand that they stand for on what would spell ‘food’ on a mobile phone keypad.

How to choose a toll-free number?

As mentioned, choose a number that you think will be remembered easily by your consumers. Whether they are calling you to place an order or for the sake of lodging a complaint, it is important that the entire process is made easy for them. Out of the 1800 numbers directory, you are certain to find a number that applies to your business so much that people will remember it. If there is nothing numeric in your brand name, then consider spelling something out with the numbers. This usually helps because people today are much more attached to their phones and the overuse has made them familiar with the alphabetic equivalent of number keys. Also, it is best to get repeated numbers.

Are there any other things to look out for while choosing a toll free phone number?

Lookup 1 800 Numbers Among the available options in the list of 1800 numbers, choose a number that has a pattern of numeric values that is easy to remember. Keep in mind that lodging this number into your consumers’ memories is the most important part of getting the number itself. Only after this does effective communication come into play.

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