Get Vanity Telephone Number for Your Small Business

How to Get a Vanity Telephone Number for Your Small Business

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Get a Vanity Telephone Number

Getting a vanity telephone number is a smart move for your small business. Whether your advertising your number on a billboard, radio ad, newspaper, or the internet, people who see your business’s phone number are much more likely to remember it if it’s a vanity telephone number. Local vanity numbers and vanity 800 numbers are business phone numbers that spell out a word related to your company’s brand, marketing, or industry. In some cases a good vanity toll free telephone number can transform your small business. For example, it is said that the vanity telephone number 1-800-flowers is worth several million dollars.

Where can I get a vanity toll free telephone number?

  • Get a custom vanity toll free number from authorize RespOrg toll free service providers such as UniTel Voice
  • Look up a vanity toll free telephone number instantly with the UniTel Voice toll free number service search tool
  • Custom vanity toll free telephone numbers from UniTel Voice are only $15 per number

Get a Vanity Telephone Number

Why should I get a toll free vanity telephone number for my small business?

Whether you are a large established business or a start-up company having a custom toll free number will help build your brand and make it easier for callers to remember your number. However, having an easy to remember toll free number that spells a word is not the most important aspect about getting a toll free number service. The most important reason to get a toll free number for your small business is FCC protected 1-800 number portability.

What is toll free number portability and why is it important to my small business?

The ability to own your business’s number and transfer it to any service provider at any time is the main reason why number portability is important. If you move office locations or your phone company changes rates you have the freedom and protected right to take your toll free number with you. This is especially important if you’ve invested time and money promoting your vanity telephone number.

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