Comparing eVoice Competitors Pricing & Service

UniTel Voice is the Best eVoice Alternative for Small Businesses

Update 2017: Looking for eVoice Competitors? You should check out UniTel Voice as an eVoice alternative and here’s why:

  • UniTel Voice’s virtual phone system plans include unlimited extensions, voicemail, and greetings, the ability to send and receive faxes, use call recording, track calls and run your business from any phone.
  • All UniTel Voice plans include free setup and 100% USA-based support.
  • Additionally only UniTel Voice offers free “VIP” setup/support with all plans. You get the chance to meet one-on-one with a highly knowledgeable USA-based account manager to help you get set up fast and easy or you can set yourself up in just minutes.

Looking for eVoice competitors? You’ve found the eVoice alternative, UniTel Voice.

When comparing features, cost, and virtual phone system functionality, UniTel Voice is definitely a competitive and perhaps more robust eVoice alternative. With UniTel Voice you can send and receive faxes, all plans include business phone system features, and unlike eVoice, all UniTel Voice plans include unlimited extensions and free VIP setup.

UniTel Voice is a virtual PBX phone system priced and designed for startup companies, home-based businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and small business professionals. However, pricing and features are not the biggest difference between UniTel Voice and its competitors. The biggest difference is customer service and support. eVoice only offers “VIP” support to customers who sign up for their larger plans, whereas UniTel Voice offers this level of support to all customers big or small and with UniTel Voice there’s no difference between feature and functionality whether you choose the cheapest plan or the largest.

5 Reasons To Consider UniTel Voice Vs. eVoice

(or Any Other Provider)

1.     How does UniTel Voice compete on cost?

UniTel Voice is one of the lowest cost virtual phone system alternatives on the market. We’ve always been highly competitive on cost and although phone service plans change over time – UniTel Voice is consistently less expensive that eVoice and other competitors who offer similar features and functionality. Although, we don’t like to compete on cost. Competing on cost is a race to the bottom and we refuse to sacrifice quality because at the end of the day, if you product or support sucks, you will lose customers. We’d rather compete on customer service and product design.


2.     How does UniTel Voice compare on features?

UniTel Voice offers all the features you need to sound professional, stay connected and run your business from anywhere. However, when it comes to listing of specific features, UniTel Voice and its competitors are basically the same. The big difference between UniTel Voice and eVoice is that UniTel Voice offers the same features on every plan – you don’t have to upgrade plans to get more functionality. The only difference between UniTel Voice’s plans is minutes and you can upgrade or down grade between plans at any time. The other big difference is design. UniTel Voice is on its third generation virtual phone system platform – and the newest design makes the phone system a world leader in ease of use. It takes a robust phone system and simplifies it so any busy business owner can set things up and make changes on the fly.


3.     How does UniTel Voice compete on call quality?

Call quality is topnotch with UniTel Voice. What gives us an advantage over our competitors is you can accept calls on VoIP or Landline or Cell Network or Cell Data. If you have a poor internet connection that doesn’t have to affect your call quality with UniTel Voice.


4.     How does UniTel Voice compare on network reliably?

Reliability comes from redundancy. The UniTel Voice network consists of major underlying carriers, including Level3, Verizon, and CenturyLink.  These carriers have multiple switching centers located in different areas within the USA, each with high availability processing clusters and fully redundant network connectivity.


5.     How does UniTel Voice compete on customer service and support?

At the end of the day, virtual phone systems have become a commodity. Yes, design can differentiate you but the number one thing we’ve done to set us apart is a focus on customer service. Only at UniTel Voice do you get a personal account manager who will jump on a phone call – help set up everything for you and give you virtually unlimited one-on-one customer support. We do this not because it’s scalable but because we see it as an investment in our customers. If you get all of your support needs meet you will stick around longer. While our competitors are automating and outsourcing customer support we strive to stay human.

Simple setup. No long term contracts. 30-day money back guarantee.