Get Toll Free Telephone Numbers

How to Get a Toll Free Telephone Number for Your Small Business

What are Toll Free Telephone Numbers? A toll free telephone number is a special phone number that is toll free for the caller and instead the phone company charges the called party for the cost of the phone call. A toll free telephone number does not use a local area code. It has an 800 number prefix such as 800, 888, 877, 866, or 855, giving the number a nationwide appeal. Toll free numbers remain popular among businesses large and small, not because callers can call them toll free, but because a toll free 1-800 number is portable. This means a business owns its phone number and can port it to another telephone carrier at any time. In the section below you can learn how to get 800 number service for your small business.

How to get a toll free telephone number?

  • Select a phone company that is an authorize RespOrg
  • Select a toll free number or vanity 800 number
  • Select a toll free service plan with the features you need

3 Things You Should Know About Getting Toll Free Telephone Numbers

1.     There’s more than one way to get a 1-800 number if it’s available.

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2.     Vanity toll free phone numbers can boost your sales.

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3.     Toll free telephone numbers are more affordable and include more features than ever before.

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