Virtual Telephone Numbers

Getting a Virtual Telephone Number is a Smart Business Move

virtual telephone numbers

Small business owners and startups often struggle with sounding professional using their personal phone numbers for business. This can lead to missed opportunities and hurt the image of your business. A virtual telephone number is your answer. It helps you manage business calls from any device, bolstering your professionalism. You can establish the right image for your business with options for local or toll-free numbers. Enhance your business persona and never miss a business opportunity with a virtual telephone number.

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Virtual Telephone Numbers with UniTel Voice (Q & A)

Q: What kind of virtual telephone number can I get from UniTel Voice, and how fast is the setup?

A: UniTel Voice lets you pick a local or a toll-free virtual telephone number. You can get your number ready to use in just a few minutes. Each UniTel Voice plan includes one virtual telephone number from nearly any area code. You also have the choice to transfer an existing number to your plan whenever you want.


Q: Can I use a virtual telephone number with different devices?

A: Yes, you can! You can link your UniTel Voice virtual telephone number to any device — a landline, cell phone, VoIP phone, or the UniTel Voice smartphone app. You can also set it up to forward to a main greeting, a voicemail box, or an auto attendant for different extensions.


Q: How can a virtual telephone number benefit my new business?

A: Virtual telephone numbers offer a lot of flexibility. Choosing a virtual number from UniTel Voice is a smart and cost-saving decision for startups. Plus, it comes with features that make your business sound more professional. As your business grows, you can scale your virtual phone system, add more minutes to your plan or modify how you manage calls. The best part? You can do all of this online and make changes whenever you want.


Q: Will I own my virtual telephone number?

A: With UniTel Voice, your telephone numbers are yours alone. If you want to switch your business telephone number to another service in the future, you can do it without any complications. Just like your website’s domain, your business telephone number is a valuable business asset.


Q: Can I add more telephone numbers to my account?

A: You sure can! You can add as many telephone numbers (local or toll-free) as you want to your UniTel Voice account anytime. Each new number costs an additional $4.99/month. Remember, even if you have one telephone number, each plan allows unlimited extensions, giving you as many phone lines as needed. Plus, every telephone number on your account also serves as an eFax number. You can both send and receive faxes without needing a fax machine. Some customers use multiple numbers to track calls from various marketing campaigns, helping them better understand their return on investment.

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