Get 1800 Service for Your Small Business

Toll Free 1800 Number Services Priced & Designed for Small Business

1800 service

How to get 1800 service for your startup business

You don’t have to be a big business with a big budget to get 1800 number service. In the past only large phone companies provided 1-800 number service to other large companies. After the large telecom monopolies were broken up and the FCC changed how toll free numbers were regulated, many new affordable options became available. In fact, you can get a 1800 number with toll free number service for a little as a few bucks a month. You don’t need to invest in phone system equipment or sign a long term contract. Visit UniTel Voice for a List of 1800 numbers to choose from.

Here’s 3 ways 1800numbers can benefit a small businesses & startup companies

  • Using a toll free 1-800 number gives your startup a “big business” credibility and appeal.
  • Using 1800 number services gives you a nationwide presence.
  • 1800numbers are portable and can be easily transferred to any phone service provider.

Questions about 1800 Service

What is the effect of 1800 Services in recessionary times?

1800 number service During recession, buyers become far more cautious than they otherwise are when it comes to purchasing products and services. This is because their purchasing power drastically decreases when they buy 1800 number service. What also happens is that people start doing far more research about products and services available in the market so that they get the best deal. Pricing may be one of the most important factors at this point, but there will be no compromise on quality. Consumers will want to invest in something only if they know it will last. This is important because such a consumer mindset makes a big difference to the usage of 1800 number services.

Are 1-800 numbers still relevant today?

1800 number services 1800 numbers are toll-free numbers that allow communication between a company and its consumers and potential customers. Today the major source of information is the Internet. This is because it is a wide platform that is very easily accessible by most people in the world. Also, there are testimonials and reviews to show how users of certain products feel about certain purchases thus suggesting or warning them about the products. However, there is an information overload on the Internet today. Also, many of the testimonials are given by people working under certain companies about the same company they work for. People always prefer to speak to other individuals to get information about products, especially if they are expensive.

What are benefits of a 1800 number service?

1800numbers Today, most firms, large and small alike, own 1800 numbers. This is because of how effective they are in getting customers the exact help they need. If you own a business, you will know that your staff will have a diverse set of qualities. Not all of them will know everything about the products and services that you sell. Some of them will specialize in servicing, while others may know more about sales for example. 1800 services ensure that the customers that call are diverted to the right person in your team so that their exact issue is resolved. If they have questions about a new product, then it would be the sales executive that the consumer has to speak with rather than a technician or a specialist in service.

What are the value of toll free numbers in times of progress?

The different benefits of having a toll-free number during recession have been brought out. This does not mean that they become obsolete during times of economic boom. This is once again for the same reason. People prefer to communicate with other people as they consider them more reliable sources of information, as opposed to the popular belief that the Internet is sufficient. These numbers however should be more focused on sales and promotion. Your aim should be that your callers are inquiring about the different offers and new launches that you have in such an economy. A 1800 number service is therefore always beneficial to an organization.

Can you supplement 1-800 services with other back-up mechanisms?

Toll-free numbers are used quite often by many consumers for many different purposes. However, even though they create an effective platform through which communication of this level is possible, you may go the extra mile by supplementing this with communication through a website as well. On your website you may mention some basic details about the products and services that you provide. By doing this, you also decrease the workload on your own firm because the callers will only include those who have more specific queries. This number may even help you gauge how many potential buyers there are in certain regions. This information is quite valuable. An effective campaign in those places can have a major positive outcome for the company.

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