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How to Get Inexpensive Toll Free Numbers for Your Small Business

UniTel Voice offers several affordable toll free number plans loaded with amazing features. Low-priced toll free numbers are available in any prefix 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 & 833. You can forward calls to any phone(s) and add greetings, extensions or voicemail at no extra charge. Try our low-cost toll free service for 30-days risk free, no setup fees, no cancellation fees, no contracts. And as always with UniTel Voice, you own your number and can transfer it to another phone company at any time.

Getting a Cheap Toll Free Number Doesn’t Mean You’re Getting Poor Quality

UniTel Voice offers startups and small business supper affordable toll free number service with all the bells and whistles you need to stay connected and sound professional – at no extra cost. How do we offer the cheapest toll free number service around and still provide customers with amazing call quality and business phone system features? The answer is the cloud.

Back in the day, phone calls had to be carried over physical copper wire lines and business phone systems (PBX systems) were hosted locally in your business’s phone closet. Also back in the day, there were only a handful of phone companies like AT&T or Verizon who provided businesses with 1-800 numbers. Then the world changed. The big telecoms were broken up. Competition and innovation pushed technology forward and UniTel Voice is a result. Now toll free number service and business phone systems are hosted in the cloud and accessible from your smartphone app.

5 Things You Should Know About Cheap Toll Free Numbers

(Updated 2018)

1. How do I get a cheap toll free number?

When it comes to getting toll free numbers there are tons of options out there. The trick is to find a phone company (like UniTel Voice) that offers free toll free numbers with low-priced toll free service. Some companies will sell you the number, but then you will have to find a toll free service provider to host the number at a monthly fee. UniTel Voice gives you the ability to pick a toll free number (at no setup cost) and then choose a cheap plan for ongoing service. It also includes all the features you need to make running your business easier (again at no extra cost).

2. Why are toll free numbers so cheap with UniTel Voice?

In the early 90’s the big business phone company monopolies were forced to breakup and the FCC created the concept of Resp Orgs (Responsible Organizations) in the toll free industry. Once phone companies were forced to compete in the 800 toll free numbers market, small businesses could get an affordable toll free number at a much lower rate due to the competition. And as voice over internet protocols advanced and locally hosted business phone systems moved to the cloud, small businesses were not only able to get cheap 800 numbers, they got toll free service plans with all the quality and features they needed from traditional business phone systems baked right into their plan.

3. How do I get a cheap toll free number for my cell phone?

Perhaps you just stared your business or launched a new website and don’t want to mess around with getting a complicated/expensive business phone systems just quite yet. With UniTel Voice you can snap up a toll free number by signing up online (takes less than 2 mins) and instantly forward it to your cell phone. When you’re ready, you can add features like greetings, extensions, and voicemail, if you want. No pressure. We’re here to help you set things up too, if you need it.

4. Can I pay a one-fee for my number and transfer it to my cell phone service provider?

In order for toll free numbers to work you need toll free service. Your cell phone provider is not a toll free service provider. However, if you have already have a toll free service provider you can purchase a number outright from UniTel Voice and transfer it. This might make sense if you are using a complicated custom phone system and don’t need UniTel Voice’s service or if you are currently under contract with a phone company. However, many times, you’ll find that UniTel Voice is the cheapest toll free service option around.

5. How do I get a cheap vanity 800 number?

There are three types of vanity toll free number providers out there: 1) Phone companies that rent 800 numbers. These companies are expensive but usually have a few premium numbers like 1-800-Dentist etc. 2) Toll free number “brokers”. These are typically marketing companies that help you find a great vanity number for a finder fee (sometimes it can get expensive) then you must transfer the number to an actual phone company of your choice. 3) Virtual phone system providers (like UniTel Voice) that allow you to search the National Toll Free Number Database of available numbers, sign up for the number and use it on one of many affordable toll free service plans. One thing to note however, true 800 numbers are hard to find because they have been around the longest. If you want to find a good vanity number that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, try searching for one in a newer toll free prefix like 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or the newly released 833 numbers.

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