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UniTel Voice provides 800 toll free business numbers and virtual phone systems to small businesses, home-based businesses, and startup companies. A getting a 1 800 toll free numbers for business use can be very beneficial. Toll free numbers make excellent business phone numbers because they are easily ported from one phone company to another. Additionally, toll free phone services for small business offer affordable phone system features so even a small home-based business can sound like a Fortune 500 company.

FAQs on Toll Free 800 Phone Numbers

All You Need to Know About How 800 Toll Free Numbers Work

toll free business number Since 1967, when AT&T came up with the first toll free business number service, the telephone network has been revolutionized with special toll free business numbers that allow customers to reach out to businesses in a free and easy to access manner. At present there are over 20 million registered toll free numbers being used by businesses in the U.S. alone. In fact, the service providers have now started using other prefixes such as 888, 866,877 and so on to accommodate the increasing demand for these toll free business phone numbers. However, before you think of getting your business one of these numbers, it is very important to make sure that you know how exactly these 800 toll free numbers work.

Who is responsible for 800 toll free numbers?

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How do I go about getting a toll free business number?

toll free business phone numbers If you would like to get a toll free business number, you would need to get in touch with a telephone service provider who offers these services. These companies need to complete a certification process from the SMS/800 and only then can they receive certain special privileges that facilitate them to provide their customer with toll free services. This need not be a company, it could be an individual or you can manage your own account for your business. However, that would require additional infrastructure and also more expenses to acquire the necessary resources.

About the Federal Communications Commission

The Federal Communications Commission suggests that these 800 toll free numbers cannot be brokered or in other words sold with an intention of obtaining profit. This is because, toll free business numbers are considered to be in the public sector. As a result, any business or organization that desires a toll free number of their business needs to strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations as set forth by the FCC or the Federal Communications Commission. As a result, these numbers are allocated to businesses only in a first come first serve basis. The subscribers are also permitted to to only acquire as many toll free phone numbers as they intend to use. No company or organization can procure additional numbers without using them. Also, no organization is allowed to reserve any number without identifying an end user who would be allocated with the number.

How do vanity 800 numbers work?

The demand for toll free numbers rose significantly when vanity numbers came into existence. These are highly attractive numbers especially to businesses since they allow adding mnemonics after the prefixes such as 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-MICROSOFT and so on. This allows the customers to remember and recall these numbers easily when they need to contact a business. This also makes it easy for businesses to use their toll free business phone numbers in advertisements and make sure that the customer will remember the number even when it is displayed only for a short amount of time. These numbers not only help serve your customers better but can also be an essential asset when it comes to marketing your business. Feel free to get in touch with us for more details regarding the procedures involved to get your business a toll free vanity number.

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