1-800 Service for Small Business

Toll Free 1-800 Services Designed for Small Businesses

Get 1-800 service

Want to set up an 800 number for your business? UniTel Voice is a fast, easy, and affordable 1-800 service. We not only offer low-cost plans, we make it easy to do a quick 1-800 search so you find a toll free number that works for your business. Still not sure if you need 1-800 services? See why your business can benefit from using a toll free number below.

3 Reasons 1-800 Service Still Makes Sense for Small Businesses

1. Toll free 800 numbers are portable.

This means you own your business 800 number, and you can transfer the number from one company to another quickly and without service interruption. Only toll free numbers have special portability rules and procedures set up by the FCC to protect business owners. Local numbers do not.


2. Using 1-800 toll free numbers gives your business credibility.

Because established businesses use 1-800 numbers, consumers have gotten used to seeing 800 numbers as business phone numbers. It seems odd to use a local number unless you are a local mom-and-pop shop. Therefore, if you’re a startup serving customers nationwide, you can boost your image by using an 800 number. With UniTel Voice, you can get a toll free number priced and designed for growing startups. And we have a unique tool that you can use to search for available 1-800 numbers during signup. If you can’t find the number you’re looking for – let us know, and we’d be happy to help you search.


3. Toll free numbers include features that help you stay connected and sound professional.

Having an 800 number on your website or business cards may make you look more credible, but what if someone calls your toll free number? Will you sound like you have a professional business phone system?

With UniTel Voice, you’re not only getting a toll free number, but you’re also getting a professional virtual phone system with features like custom greetings, extensions, and voicemail. That way, you’re business won’t just look professional. You’ll sound professional too. The best part? UniTel Voice works with your cell phone and costs about $10 bucks a month.

Simple setup. No long term contracts. 30-day money back guarantee.