Cheap Toll Free Forwarding Service

Get Affordable Toll Free Forwarding Service from UniTel Voice

Searching for a cheap toll free forwarding service provider that offers high-quality features, network reliability, and free USA-based support?

Look no furtherer than UniTel Voice. We provide robust, reliable, and inexpensive toll free number service to business of all sizes. With UniTel Voice, you can sign up for a new toll free number in any prefix (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833) or transfer your existing number at no extra cost.

Once your number is up and running (which usually takes less than a few minutes) you can forward your toll free number to any phone (or phone lines) including home phones, office phones, cell phones, landlines, VoIP or even the UniTel Voice smartphone app (both IOS & Android).

You can also set up unlimited greetings, extensions, and voicemail, which are managed completely online so you can make changes anytime. All plans include our amazing phone system features, 100% free USA-based support, and start at less than $10 per month (see plans & pricing).

8 Things You Should Know About Toll Free Forwarding Service with UniTel Voice

(updated 2017)

  1. Is UniTel Voice the cheapest toll free forwarding service available?

For what we offer, in almost every case we are the low-cost leader. Our plans start at less than $10 per month which includes 500 minutes per month – on the higher end we have an unlimited toll free forwarding plan for less than $70 per month (see plans & pricing). All plans include our amazing virtual phone system features, which means you can use simple call forwarding (i.e., simply forward your toll free number to another number) or set up a virtual auto attendant and forward your toll free number to any combination of greetings, extensions, phones, or voicemail boxes. All UniTel Voice plans come with free USA-based support, free professional voice studio (where a human voice talent of your choice records your greeting for you), and a 30-day money back guarantee.


  1. Can I forward my toll free number to multiple phones?

With UniTel Voice, absolutely. You can forward you number to any combination of landlines, cell phones, VoIP phones, home phones or office phones. You can ring all lines at once or in any order. You can also set up time of day routing to forward calls to specific people based on a schedule you set.


  1. Can I forward my toll free number to my cell phone?

Yes, you can forward your toll free number to your cell phone or answer calls on the UniTel Voice smartphone app. In fact, UniTel Voice was designed so you can run your business from your cell phone. Our toll free service is perfect for remote teams and on the go entrepreneurs.


  1. Can I forward my toll free phone number to international numbers?

Yes you can. However, phone numbers outside of the USA and Canada may have their own pay-per-minute rate unless you are forwarding to a softphone.


  1. Can I forward my 800 number straight to a voicemail?

Yes, with UniTel Voice you can forward your 800 number to any combination of custom greetings, extensions or voicemail (including straight to a virtual voicemail box). You can retrieve voicemails on our smartphone app and/or have your voicemails go straight to your email inbox.


  1. Will you UniTel Voice help me get things set up?

Yes, setting up is super easy and fast. Our free USA-based support team is here to help if you need anything at all. We’re even happy to personal set things up for you over the phone and give you a rundown of all the features we offer so you get the most out of our service. We understand how important your business phone number is to your own sales and customer service teams.


  1. Are there any contracts?

No. Everything is month-to-month and you can cancel any time. We offer 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try UniTel Voice risk free. If you’re not 100% satisfied after 30 days, we refund your money no questions asked. Also, and this is important, with UniTel Voice you own your toll free number and can port it another provider of your choice at any time. Some toll free service providers in our industry hold your number hostage. That’s something we will never do.


  1. How good are UniTel Voice’s toll free forwarding service reviews?

Really good. We’ve been doing this a long time. We’re proud to be toll free service industry leaders in features, pricing, and customer service, but don’t take our word for it. Ask our customers.

Simple setup. No long term contracts. 30-day money back guarantee.