PBX Phone Systems for Small Business

Call Forwarding Digital Phone Service

pbx phone systems

Affordable Digital PBX Phone Systems priced and designed for Small Business

UniTel Voice offers Affordable Digital PBX Phone Systems for Small Businesses and Startup Companies. Phone system features included:

  • Custom Greetings
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Unlimited Call Handling
  • Unlimited Extensions & Call Forwarding
  • Call Screening & Announcement
  • Voicemail & Fax to Email
  • Virtual Faxing
  • And more...

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FAQs on Digital Phone Service

How do PBX Systems for Small Businesses work?

pbx phone systems for small business
Small businesses should determine their telephone service based on the telecommunication needs that are required by the company. This should be done keeping in mind features that may be required in the future when the business grows. While cost is a major consideration for most small businesses looking at phone systems, choosing a cheaper option today may translate to huge losses in the future. A cost-effective choice for small businesses for communicational purposes is PBX phone systems. These systems work with local or toll free phone numbers. Learn more about: Business Telephone Numbers

What are PBX phone systems?

business call forwarding
PBX or private brach exchange, refers to an exchange system or a telephone switch that is dedicated to an individual business. PBX phone systems help in intercommunication between different stations in a business. The system allows two stations or more to carry out conference calls without any additional equipment. Communication devices such as fax machines and modems can be tied to a PBX system. Each line in not held by just one user due to which these systems have a big advantage on the cost-effectiveness front.

Each line can have varied functions so they suit the need of the business. The system can host hundreds of lines and its configuration can be changed as and when it is needed. Auto-dialing, call forwarding, call blocking, busy override, call waiting, call transfer, conference calls, customized greetings, welcome message, voice mail are among the few features that PBX systems have to offer. Learn more about: Small Business PBX Phone Systems

How does a PBX system work?

business digital phone service
PBX systems give in-house employees access to external phone lines as well as to those within the business. In a traditional PBX system, calls are transferred from public switched phone networks to private switched phone networks. Incoming calls can be routed to private numbers through the private switch phone networks. With outgoing calls, the internal phones in the network should enter a code to make a call to outside lines. With advances in voice over internet protocol (VoIP), traditional systems have made way for digital PBX systems.

The business digital phone service routes the calls to the receiver handset using internet protocol and digital technology. These systems are easy to configure and work out better cost-wise. They also come with the added benefit of being applicable to both traditional and software handsets. The digital phone systems can be accessed by software handset users by plugging in headsets to computers to use it as a virtual phone. Calls can be transmitted internationally too through digital PBX systems.

How does a business digital phone service benefit entrepreneurs and small businesses?

Virtual PBX phone systems for small business are low maintenance, as they don't require additional staff to handle or maintain it. The provider hosts the service offsite, while the business can manage the voicemail inbox, business call forwarding, call blocking, and other functions online.

The company can accommodate an existing number or pick a new toll-free number for all the communications. The portability allows the business to continue with an existing number, so their marketing efforts do not go in vain. The number can cater to all call, fax and voice mail communications that occur in the company, despite where the employees are.

Virtual PBX systems offer a lot of flexibility. It gives the business access to limitless extensions, which can switch between mobiles to landlines to international numbers.

The digital phone system gives a small business a professional edge, due to the various benefits it has to offer. Businesses can add automatic greetings to their incoming calls and manage a call even when they are busy on a different line, making it easy to handle multiple functions at once.

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