Get Small Business PBX Services for Your Start-up Company

How to Get Small Business PBX Services for your startup or home-based business

Small Business PBX Services

Small Business PBX Services

You may be wondering: How do I get small business PBX services for my company? And that’s a good question. Finding the best small business phone system for your startup company or home-based business is a challenge. There are many business telephone service providers out there offering a wide range of small business PBX services, some of which may be very complex and require a major investment of your time and money. If there is one thing small companies lack (especially startups and home-based businesses) it’s time and money. The good news is there are cost effective small business virtual phone system solutions available. To determine what small office or home office PBX service is right for your start-up company you must consider some key factors. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, a affordable virtual PBX phone system from UniTel Voice may be right for you.

What should I consider when getting small business PBX services?

  • Does my business operate in multiple locations and/or are my employees highly mobile?
  • Do I want a service with NO contracts?
  • Do I want fast and easy setup without having to deal with a closet full of phone system equipment?

Small Business PBX Services

What are small business PBX services?

In the past, only big businesses could afford PBX phone system that could route calls to different departments and employees. These traditional business PBX systems were complicated, expensive, and required ongoing maintenance. And the worst part was the phones they connected had to be connected via hardwire, since the whole PBX system was for on-premise use only. Modern small business PBX services no longer have to be on premise, or complicated, or expensive for that matter. Today both big and small businesses use virtual PBX systems or what is known as a Virtual Office Phone System to say connected no matter where employees work.

How can I compare small business PBX services?

There are several things you should consider when comparing small business PB X services:

  1. Implementation cost – Does your phone system provider offer free setup?
  2. Customer support – Does your telephone company charge for support? Is support out sourced overseas?
  3. Equipment – Does your phone company provide PBX hosting or do they require you to manage hardware? Is it a fully Hosted PBX VoIP Telephone Systems for Small Business?

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