Virtual PBX phone systems

Virtual PBX business phone system

virtual pbx phonoe system

UniTel Voice offers leading edge virtual PBX phone systems priced and designed for Small Business Owners and Startup Company Entrepreneurs. Sign Up Instantly. 30-Days Risk Free! No Contracts.

  • Custom Greetings
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Unlimited Call Handling
  • Unlimited Extensions & Call Forwarding
  • Call Screening & Announcement
  • Voicemail & Fax to Email
  • And more...

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FAQs on Virtual PBX Systems with Hosted auto attendant service

Why is a Virtual PBX Phone System an Essential Communication Tool for Small Business?

virtual PBX phone systems
Entrepreneurs and small businesses often use cell phones as their primary channel of communication. The downside of using cell phones is that they do not project a professional image to the customers. An alternative solution is virtual PBX phone systems that can help businesses in easing out communications and into turning them organized and professional at affordable costs. Learn more about: virtual office phone system

How do virtual PBX phones operate?

virtual PBX business phone system
A virtual PBX phone system works similarly to a PBX system only with the advantage of not requiring the installation or maintenance of PBX systems. This can mitigate the installation and running costs of the phone system. Virtual PBX phone systems are self-sufficient and allow the business to carry out all communication smoothly by manipulating it on a web portal which holds a variety of features on a user-friendly platform. Although their functionality is no different from that of traditional office phones, the data transfer occurs through the service provider's servers. These systems are especially useful for small businesses as they offer functionality capabilities of traditional PBX systems without bearing any additional costs.
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What are the advantages of a virtual PBX phone system?

virtual PBX phones
Hosted PBX systems have distinctive differences from traditional phone systems. Here are some reasons why small businesses and entrepreneurs should consider installing hosted PBX systems:

  • Installing a virtual PBX business phone system gives organizations an opportunity to handle communications from geographical locations across the world, without restricting them to the office's location.
  • The phone system can be easily managed from any location through a easy-to-use GUI on a web page.
  • A virtual PBX phone system allows owners to change providers with little to no overhead investment losses.
  • The integrative features of a virtual PBX system allow it to function in a similar way to that of extension lines in traditional office phone systems.
  • Small businesses that have employees working in different regions can carry out communications smoothly irrespective of whether they are working from overseas or home.
  • With a virtual PBX business phone system, the user numbers do not reflect on the net costs as the cost is determined by the number of lines required by the business, allowing them to communicate with as many users as needed.
  • Virtual PBX phones show impressive cost reductions when compared to traditional systems as they save on expenses from installation of additional hardware, phone lines rents, maintenance charges and intra-office call charges.

What type of businesses that stand to benefit from a virtual PBX business phone system?

Hosted auto attendant service

  • Law firms - With the multifarious demands that present themselves in law offices, a virtual PBX phone system can aid in routing incoming calls smoothly without any hiccups. Also, organizing client listings on the interface makes it easy to keep track of them and transfer calls without any delay.
  • Mobil Entrepreneurs - Businesses that are predominantly mobile cannot use traditional landlines to keep in touch with clients and customers. They can use a hosted auto attendant service to re-route their calls to available employees or other message centers.
  • Financial consultants - Businesses starting out as financial consultant agencies can use the various features provided by virtual PBX services to their advantage. The voice-mail feature can be used to step up the business's image with a professional edge and business owners can have communications on separate numbers, both official and personal, routed to the same device.
  • Individual practitioners - Insurance or real-estate agents who operate by themselves can use features provided in virtual PBX phone systems to project the business's credibility in an impressive way. Features like hosted auto attendant service and call greeting can have a positive impact on the client's impression of the business.

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