Get A 1 800 Phone Number For Your Small Business

How to Get a 1 800 Phone Number for Your Small Business

1 800 phone number

What is a 1 800 Phone Number?

A 1 800 phone number is a toll free number used by both large and small businesses. Toll free 1800 numbers are globally recognized as business phone numbers. This recognition provides a sense of credibility associated with using a toll free telephone number as your main business phone number. Even home-based business owners and solo entrepreneurs who run their business from their cellular phones often use a toll free 1 800 phone number to give their small business a big business appeal.

Where can I get a 1 800 phone number?

  • Toll free service providers that are phone companies serving as authorized RespOrg by the FCC.
  • Marketing firms renting vanity 800 numbers for branding purposes.
  • Resellers marketing a third party phone company‚Äôs service.

What is a 1 800 Phone Number?

Why should my small business get a 1 800 phone number?

Whether you are a large company or a small startup, if you get 1 800 phone number, it will help you look and sound more professional. However, more importantly than credibility is portability, as toll free numbers are specially regulated by the FCC to ensure that businesses will always own and control their 1800 business number. And if need be, port their toll free telephone number to another phone company at any time. A toll free 1-800 telephone number gives a business the ability to own and control their business phone number.

What are there different types of toll free number service plans?

Traditional toll free service plans are pay-as-you-go or pay-per-use plans where you pay per minute and only pay for what you use. These plans often do not include phone system features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and auto-attendant functionality. Virtual PBX toll free services do include these small business virtual phone system features. With this type of service you can get a 1 800 phone number for your small business that includes call forwarding, voicemail, internet fax and much more.

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