Get a Vanity Number for Your Small Business

How to Get a Vanity Number for Your Small Business

Get a Vanity Number

Get a Vanity Number

There are many reasons why a business should get a vanity number. The fact is vanity 800 numbers add credibility to your business, they’re easy to remember, they reinforce your brand, and you get toll free number service with a vanity phone number. When you get a vanity number you are also getting a toll free number for your business, often with a toll free number prefix such as 800, 888, 877, 866, or 855. Because your vanity telephone number is toll free, it is regulated by the FCC to ensure that you can port or transfer the number between carriers (phone companies). This is important because it gives you complete control and ownership of your business phone number. So if you decide to invest in your brand and get a vanity number (which can get expensive in some cases) you don’t have to be worried about losing your number if you decided to move locations or use a different phone company’s services.

How can I get a vanity number?

  • Phone company RespOrgs authorized by the FCC to offer toll free vanity numbers.
  • Phone company resellers with third party RespOrgs as their underlying carrier.
  • Marketing firms renting vanity 800 numbers (be careful, in this case you would not own your vanity phone number).

Get a Vanity Number

Why should my small business get a vanity number?

Vanity telephone numbers are particularly valuable for local companies who advertise on tv, radio, or billboards. Because consumers only have a few seconds to remember your number when they see or hear your ad, if you are using a vanity telephone number that spells out a word related to your business, there is a much better chance the consumer will remember your business’s telephone number. Studies have shown that custom vanity numbers are several times more likely to be remembered and generate sales then random ten digit numbers used in advertising.

Where can I find a vanity number that spells a word?

UniTel Voice offers a free vanity number search tool. You can plug in any combination of letters or numbers and the tool will search the national SMS database for available vanity 800 numbers. If the number is not in use by another company you can buy the vanity number for your business. If the results indicated the number is not available the vanity phone number search tool will provide you with suggested alternatives. Also, you can always give UniTel Voice a call and a friendly representative will help you get a vanity number that’s perfect for your small business.

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