Get Vanity Toll Free Numbers for Your Small Business

How to Get Vanity Toll Free Numbers for Your Small Business

Vanity Toll Free Numbers

Vanity Toll Free Numbers

Investing in vanity toll free numbers can be a smart move for your small business. A good vanity toll free number can significantly boost a small business’s sales. That’s because Vanity 800 numbers make it easy for customers to call your business. Vanity toll free numbers are just simply so much easier to remember than random digit telephone numbers. A good vanity 1800 number spells a word associated with your company name, your business’s industry, or a feature or benefit related to your product’s value proposition. Vanity toll free numbers can come in many different toll free prefixes such as 888, 877, 866, or 855. Some are expensive, but you can definitely find a cheap toll free number if you look hard enough.

Where can I get vanity toll free numbers for my small business?

  • You can get a vanity toll free number with almost any prefix from UniTel Voice.
  • UniTel Voice offers a real time toll free number search tool tied directly to the SMS/800 database.
  • Not only can you find great deals on vanity toll free numbers, you’ll find phone services loaded with amazing features.

Vanity Toll Free Numbers

Should I get a vanity toll free number or local vanity number?

You should get a vanity 1-800 number because vanity toll free numbers are protected by FCC portability regulations. These regulations in ensure you own your custom toll free number and can port it to any provider you want. This is important because if you decided to invest in a vanity number and spend money advertising it you want to make sure you own it outright, with no strings attached. What you don’t want is your phone company raising your rates and holding your number hostage! Phone companies can’t do that with toll free numbers.

How do vanity toll free numbers work?

Custom toll free numbers or vanity Toll free 800 numbers work like all other toll free 1-800 numbers. The only difference is the 1800 vanity numbers spell a word. Not all toll free numbers have to be a vanity number to give your small business credibility and the security of number portability. However, if you really want a vanity toll free number you may want to search the prefix 855, because 855 toll free numbers are the newest prefix released by the FCC making it more likely that the number you want is available. See is 855 toll free for more information.

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