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FAQs and Topics on Getting a New Phone Number

The Need for 1800 Phone Service in Small Businesses

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Statistics report that 84 percent of the online audience uses electronic media while searching for services and products to make purchases. The success rates of these online ads are far more with a 800 telephone number than a regular number. 800 phone numbers for business aid the business-customer relationship by maintaining smooth interactions between the two. The best part for customers is that they do not bear any expenses from making calls to the business.

Why should businesses get a phone number from an 800 phone number service?

800 telephone number

  • Portability: 800 service numbers have the advantage of being portable, which allows start-ups to relocate their business, or switch destination numbers without affecting their interactions with the consumer. Also, marketing and advertising efforts don't have to be revised on making alterations due to the portability feature.
  • Reflect a successful brand image: An 800 phone no can showcase even a small newbie business as a successful corporate. The services accompanying an 800 telephone number, aside from the number itself, add a professional edge to any business.
  • Outreach: Start-ups that aim at broadening their impact and services to a wider market stand to benefit from a 1800 phone service. Customers can call businesses which are geographically located in different spheres without bearing long-distance call charges through an 800 telephone service.
  • Flexibility: Unlike traditional numbers, an 800 telephone number have a variety of options to juggle customer phone interactions smoothly. They have re-routing, call-transfer, call-forwarding, call-waiting and other features which make it easier to handle multiple calls without any hiccups.
  • Affordability: An 800 phone number service is a reasonable investment for the multitude of benefits it has to offer. Customers have the lenience of contacting the business when they face queries or troubles, to have the issue sorted out, without bearing any expenses. While the business can incorporate the service at reasonable prices, which are incomparable to the steady line of loyal customers it gathers.

How can start-ups use 800 phone services?

800 telephone service
A business should first get a new phone number with a 800 phone number service provider. Businesses that plan to get a phone number from an 800 phone number service can start with call volume plans at a low level. This could correspond to low cost expenses from the service as well. As the business expands itself, the usage and call volume are bound to increase. Businesses can move to plans which match their requirements and budget at this stage, if needed. The 800 telephone number helps in centralizing a business. A business which has employees located across different states can smoothly function with the help of 800 service numbers. While the business may have to revisit its needs on the physical layout, with a bigger telephone system, the number remains the same, even as a business grows. Also, 800 phone numbers for business provide additional information on the calls, which can help in tracking or measuring their customer outreach.

What features should small business expect from an 800 phone number service?

1800 phone serviceProviders offer a few basic features to businesses that come in to get a phone number from an 800 phone number service. This could include call manipulations such as call forwarding, blocking, transferring and such. They may also provide options to handle extension numbers to easily transfer calls across different lines. Call greetings or music for call-hold are features that can help in smoothly transitioning to a call when the customer waits for a response. Plans offered by different service providers may vary based on the contract length, cost, number of call minutes offered and others. Some features can be upgraded and customized based on the requirement of individual businesses.

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