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Getting a 800 Number for Your Business Telephone Services

business telephone service providers

Why getting an 800 number from Big Phone Company business telephone service providers isn’t a good move for small businesses.

If you are researching businesses telephone service providers and are in need of getting a 1-800 number for your business—don’t just check out the “Big Phone Companies”. The often the best business phone service providers are the smaller phone companies who specialize in low-cost high-quality small business telephone systems that can be customized to meet your needs. Companies like UniTel Voice offer the same network reliability as “big” phone companies like AT&T and Verizon at a fraction of the cost. And oftentimes smaller 1-800 toll free service providers not only offer lower prices, they offer more features, and personal USA-based support. UniTel Voice’s customer support is 100% USA-based and always free.

FAQs & Topics on Getting a 1 800 Number for a Business Telephone Service Providers

Who are the Various Business Telephone Service Providers?

business telephone service If you are looking for a company to install a business phone system in your office, all you have to do is ask your existing business telephone service providers. Most telephone companies provide these services to all businesses. However, if you want the installation process done through an external source, you can go through a Responsible Organization (RespOrg). RespOrgs are authorized to provide such phone services to companies. You can have the installation done by a RespOrg even if you already have a phone system in place. With UniTel Voice, you get a 1-800 number for your business phone system for a fraction of the price and free personal help getting setup.

How does a 1-800 number help business?

business telephone services Getting a 1 800 number for a business adds to the professional touch of businesses. Consumers tend to feel secure when they see that an organization is systematic all the way down to its phone system. Vanity toll-free numbers also add to the credibility factor of businesses. It does this by portraying the company in a professional light. Even if your team is managing phones at their own homes, virtual business telephone services make it seem as though your company is relatively large and well-settled in the market. In the consumer mind, the professional touch that is added to the business dealing makes the brand more reliable in terms of brand promise and other vital features.

What is the process of installing a 1-800 number?

getting a 1 800 number for a business For getting a 800 number for your business, you must contact your phone service provider or a RespOrg, and ask for the different plans they have. When you have decided on getting a 1-800 number, it is important that you check the availability of numbers that you have in mind. If you find your ideal number, do not worry about it. Select another number based on various factors like ease of recall and brand positioning. This means that the number itself should be easy to remember and show what the brand stands for at the same time. You have a bakery, for instance, and the core of your business runs on the fact that you deliver cakes on the day of the order for emergency situations. Here, a good number would be something like 1-800-FAST CAKE. Your consumers will immediately start identifying your brand with speed of delivery in a specialized section of baking. Your entire business model and positioning is made clear by a simple number like this. With increasing calls, people will instantaneously start to recall your bakery first when they are in a hurry to get a cake.

Are there any other advantages of using telephones to enhance business?

getting a 800 number for your business Business telephone services are very useful because of their low costs. Though the initial cost is relatively high, it is one of the least expensive methods to effectively advertise and market your products and services. Phone systems make it extremely easy for companies to reach out to a large audience. Since the number remains the same to all your consumers, you will effectively reinforce your value in your buyers memories. CONTENT

See an increase in profits

Once you get your business telephone service providers to install everything you need, you will find that your revenue and profits start an upward trend. This is because you are creating awareness among your customers, and at the same time you are reducing your costs to the company. Some telephone services work extremely well even without you having to install the hardware or any telephonic connections. A cloud-based system, for example, does not need you to purchase landlines for you to receive calls from prospects. Phone services and vanity numbers are excellent ways for you to improve your business process, especially if you are a new business and do not have the resources or man-power to substitute this with other mediums.

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